Lady Liquor started as a guest series for Bitch Media; you can read the archives here (that links you to the final post; from there, you can work backwards through the archive). The idea was to examine how gender politics and alcohol have intersected in history and popular culture, and by the time the two-month blogging engagement had ended, I realized I hadn’t covered all the territory I had set out to cover, so I started a new blog.

About me: I am a journalist and writer in Portland, and have lived in the Pacific Northwest all my life; the progressivism of the place, and the easy availability of excellent, locally made beer and spirits makes me reluctant to leave. My recent work has focused on health, disability, gender and reproductive rights and the built environment. I enjoy both the taste of alcohol and the pleasant tilt of being drunk; I think the pursuit of chemically-induced pleasure is an intrinsic good, defensible well beyond “ain’t nobody’s business if I do.” But taking alcohol (and other drugs) seriously as a source of human joy also means taking booze and drugs seriously as sources of human misery. I’m as interested in addiction, and the way we talk about it (including the way we code addiction in terms of gender and race) as I am in the sexy, fun aspects of drinking.


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